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From SBS 2008 to Hosted Exchange in One Click!

Friday, April 24th, 2009

OK, so I exaggerate a little with my subject but the reality is that Microsoft has worked really hard to make it easy.  Why?  Some will say so they can steal the revenue that we were charging our customers to manage Exchange and give us a measly 6% as part ...

Are you still competing on price?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Thanks Bob Burg for sharing this gem during a talk in Texas this week.  Your passion to build value challenges me.  "It is unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money — that is all. When you ...

How to receive up to 5 FREE copies of Microsoft Software to Jump Start Your Prospecting

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Erick asked me to blog this event to help get the word out and I told him to heck with that, I want to speak during the webinar!  You see, I know firsthand that this is probably the best opportunity our there for those of you that want to do ...

Get Your EBS On!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I'm excited to share that Chris Rue will doing a 5W/50 Webcast on Essential Business Server tomorrow.  Now he says, "There will be a smidge of technical talk, mainly to assure that everyone tuning in has the base knowledge of EBS that will be needed to understand the bulk of ...

Thrive vs Survive

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Kudos to Microsoft  and their User Group Support Services for their latest efforts to support IT pros whom are facing the reality of an uncertain economic future.   Regardless of whether you are currently enjoying good fortune, barely surviving or really struggling, you should check out the resources Microsoft has consolidated ...


Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite EVA9150 (UNDER $400) Streams media directly from the Internet such as YouTube™, Internet radio, Flickr™ photos, RSS, and podcasts Includes HDMI port, HD upconversion up to 1080p, Wireless-N, two USB ports for iPod® and USB drives Includes a 500 GB hard drive for extra storage of movies, photos, and ...

Microsoft Mythbusters Video: Top 10 VMware Myths

Monday, April 6th, 2009

While the comments were brutal regarding the lack of Hollywood efect in this video, lets not lose the message because of the media.  Viral no, accurate yes.  Enjoy! Microsoft Mythbusters: Top 10 VMware Myths

Autotask Live - Photo Debrief

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Did I learn a ton?  Yes! Did I meet some great people and make new connections?  Yes! Did I get to see new stuff from vendors?  Yes! Did I eat much more than I should have?  Yes! Did I have fun?  Let's let the pictures do the talking...     Thanks Rue for most of these photos ...