DST Part II Reminder

October 25, 2007 – 10:57 am

imageHere we go again folks. Get ready to change those clocks on November 4th.  Also, get ready for 15 revisions of DST patches and  updates (lets hope not).  Hopefully KB 933360 will be the first and last update for most of us but be sure to check your specific Microsoft products against their list of products affected by daylight saving time changes. 

For those of you not doing update and patch management for your sites (or customer sites), shame on you.  While it may seem hard to keep up with the latest fixes, there are plenty of blogs and forums out there you can monitor that can be a big help. Perhaps you should consider giving somebody else the administrator role because if you think managing patches is expensive, try not managing them.

BTW, don’t blame Microsoft for the time change, thank your Congress.

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