SBSC Refresh Due?

October 25, 2007 – 12:34 pm

Thanks to the ever amazing Susanne Dansey for a well written blogatorial on the SBSC Program.  I have to admit I share many of her views and can assure you we (SBSC PALS) are all unanimous on our goal to raise the bar on what it takes to be an SBSC now that enrollment has picked up momentum. 

When I read Susanne’s comments like the one below it really motivates me to make sure MS knows this needs to be addressed.

There is a running joke on the current OEM VAR Roadshow that there are many ?IT Consultants? out there who award themselves this title (SBSC) just because they know how to change the screensaver. The irony is that many end users wouldn?t know what makes a consultant a good consultant regardless of whether they are one in the first place. How are they to know what makes an SBSCer any better than XYZ Computers who does it as a professional hobby?

If you could change one thing about the Microsoft SBSC program what would it be?

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  2. Hey Mark, Thanks for the reference! It’s been good to see that the UK isn’t alone in this opinion - I heard from Germany and the US that the feeling is shared.

    Looking forward to seeing what MS do about it. I realise that some of our requests will have to go to the bottom of the wish list but it’s important to ask or else you may not get!

    By Susanne on Oct 26, 2007

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