WAL-MART Delivers Dell Discards?

October 26, 2007 – 9:03 am

Wal-Mart®DellSo while Dell is actively working to commoditize managed services the same way Wal-Mart has with clothing and other cheap Chinese consumer goods, they are also actively delivering PCs through Wal-Mart

Now is where I say: BUYER BEWARE!

I was chatting with one of my customers yesterday whom is a key strategic vendor for Dell’s new plant in Greensboro and he informed me of a possible dirty little Dell secret.  He has heard from inside Dell that they are actually putting some refurbished units on the Wal-Mart shelves and will be selling them as new.  Now mind you Dell has a great support program with a great price, it’s just too bad you are probably going to end up needing to use it if this roumor is true.

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  2. Mark
    I read your post this morning and have followed up and checked on your story. I want you to know that 100% of the shipments from Dell’s North Carolina WS1 are newly-built products, including for Wal Mart customers. Dell does not ship refurbished PCs as part of our retail sales program.

    I hope that sets the record straight.

    By RichardatDELL on Oct 26, 2007

  3. Thanks Richard. I hope that is true. I’ve actually had some good luck with Dell refurbished servers. I’ll ask my source again where he got his info.

    By Mark on Oct 26, 2007

  4. I have just purchased a new video card for my inspiron lap top from dell uk that has cost £180 + vat that has arrived this morning marked refurbished what should I do

    By dave on Sep 1, 2008

  5. Dell has sold me a refurbished (reformatted) hard drive, when I thought I was purchasing brand new. Only way I found this out is because I had to use a file recovery program to recover some deleted personal pictures. Imagine my surprise when I found pictures of other people on my system - family pictures, travel pictures, birthday pictures, 604 photoshop files, etc. …Will be chatting with Dell in the near future about this.

    By KL on Oct 27, 2008

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