Level Platforms Sweeps CompTIA Awards

October 31, 2007 – 1:52 pm

img104Well they did not get them all, but they came close.  Of the seven awards given out today in Florida at CompTIA’s smb SUMMIT Level Platforms won all but Best Hardware (View Sonic) and Best Distributor (Tech Data). There is always next year. ;-)


Congratulations to Level Platforms for winning:

  • Best Product
  • Best Channel Strategy
  • Best Presentation
  • Best Solutions Sales Strategy
  • Best Of Show  (the top award)

Now if Dan can only tell me who called my room from the pool last night at 2 AM to ask where the switch for the water slide is located then I’ll give him back the award I slipped into my laptop bag when he wasn’t looking.  See after the spring thaw Dan!

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  2. That is great news for them. I’ve been using the software for several months now on the SBSC trial and am thoroughly impressed top to bottom. I can’t wait to see where the direction they ake in the future.

    By James on Oct 31, 2007

  3. I seem to recall it was you who was looking for that water slide switch at 2AM - wait, that was at xChange Orlando. :)

    By Ben on Oct 31, 2007

  4. I will be providing no comment on any waterslide discussions and I am sure the time (2am) is a typo!

    I do however wish to sincerely thank CompTia and specifically the solution providers who attended the event. Of the 100 plus in attendance a significant percentage were existing partners who helped deliver and validate the messages we provided. You are the leaders in the indusrty and share in this accomplishment as the early adopters, proving proof of the model in the market.
    Dan Wensley

    By Dan Wensley on Nov 1, 2007

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