Skins for Christmas

November 7, 2007 – 9:24 am

So yesterday I pulled a Nanci.  What does that mean?  My wonderful and amazing wife Nanci is the queen of going shopping for something for the family like kids clothes or toilet paper and then spends hours finding 15 different things that “would make a great gift for so and so” instead.  Is it just her?  I mean I’m really glad she cares so much about the interior decorating needs of others but I would rather save the money for more important things for the family like… I don’t know… maybe TOILET PAPER!  ;-)

So yesterday while watching a presentation (and of course simultaneously surfing the net) by Symantec at and Ingram Micro event I decide that so many people see the back of my laptop during training events and conferences that it would be nice to skin it.  I’ve got a company logo sticker on there and had some complements but being the way hip 39 YO WM I am, I wanted something more down with the times yo.  Ouch, I think I just pulled a muscle trying to get krunk on….   Anyway, I go shopping for skins and instead of finding one for me I found a bunch for all my different friends in the community (”peps” for those still down with the lingo).  While I don’t have the laptop skins size requirements yet (Susan will need an itty-bitty skin for her cute little Gameboy laptop and Vlag will need a really  really big one.  Not sure if he has a really big laptop but I’ve seen his pink Miata so I figure he needs to compensate elsewhere.)

Here is what I came up with:

LS_matrix-250x200For myself I’m thinking something really cool and modern.  Is The Matrix still “in”?

For Susan Bradley it was easy.

For Chris Rue
LS_tux_delux-250x200(don’t even ask…)

For Ken Edwards
LS_blackracy-250x200(can I get this in traffic cone orange?)

For Mitch Garvis I decided on this one.

Now Vlad was a little harder to choose for.  At first is was going to be this one

But knowing what Vlad has been going through in his business lately (partly thanks to one of my techs) I decided this is the one he should get.

Happy holidays!!!

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  2. Hmmm… now that could be a commentary on size OR attitude for me… I will ponder how to take this :)

    By Mitch Garvis, MCT on Nov 7, 2007

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