Do Dead Things Explode?

November 9, 2007 – 4:53 pm

Vlad says the SMB community is dead but Karl Palachuk seem to have a different view with some actual proof to back up his opinion.  Is Karl overly optimistic or does Vlad need to buy more of Karl’s books?  Maybe it’s just our definitions of community vary.  ???

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  2. I will have you know that not only do I own every single one of Karl’s excellent books and highly recommend them, but I’ve actually read them.

    As for the existence or nonexistence, thats debatable depending on who you are. Truthfully, there are maybe 600 people out there and on the outer rim maybe 2,000 people that were ever interested enough to join the lists and attend the conferences, I would venture to say well less than 1,000 participate in the community.

    If you are vendor or someone whoring to vendors you have to believe it exists, you have to yell it from the rooftops because it means it can be sold to. If you just look at it for what it is, loose list of acquaintances and people that at time may have shared the common goal over the large enough of a separation.

    In the end, so long as there are awesome people like Susan Bradley, there will be a community. And as long as she is around, people will try to sell to her audience and play along with the myth.


    By Vlad Mazek on Nov 9, 2007

  3. More importantly: Is it fair to compare Vlad’s bad-Monday frustration to Karl’s worn-out Friday ramblings?

    There’s always a great deal of truth in what Vlad says. His bottom line is that we’re not all one mind. Life is not a hugfest. In some sense “we” are not a community of like-minded folk seeking a brighter future.

    Some people are greedy. Some are incompetent. Some take without giving. Most are just trying to get by in this crazy mixed up world.

    All that is true.

    But note how my post started: I was trying to figure out all the _alliances_ in our space.

    I know we’re not all of one mind. At many different levels we compete with each other. Some compete for clients (end users). Some compete for conference attendees. Some for book sales. Some for training dollars. Some for software and services.

    There isn’t ONE community of like minded people. There are dozens of overlapping communities that keep growing and morphing.

    Perhaps what’s dead is the fluffy vision of a common goal where no one disagrees with anyone. That was always an illusion. So now that we’re unplugged from the world of illusion, we can look around and figure out what to do going forward.

    I, for one, take this advice from Mr. Mazek: Put your time and energy into finding and working with people who participate, contribute, and reciprocate.

    The community is re-invented every day by those who take part in it.

    By Karlp on Nov 9, 2007

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