Forget about Selling SBS 2008 and Centro?

November 18, 2007 – 11:34 am

Microsoft has apparently conspired with Comcast to give away the key benefits of SBS and Centro with Microsoft Communication Services.  comcast-microsoft

In a press release last week, Microsoft announced it’s plans to have Comcast bundle some of the MS Live services that directly compete with the very same solutions many Microsoft SBSC Partners currently make a living off of.  Comcast will deliver these SaaS and MSP services/solutions FREE of charge to their SMB customers.

Excerpt from PR:
Microsoft Communication Services lets small-business owners focus on running their businesses rather than worrying about IT issues by doing the following:

  • Enabling SMB teams to share documents and access calendars, track tasks, and use e-mail efficiently and effectively through corporate-class productivity and collaboration solutions based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Removing barriers of up-front costs, help desk support and ongoing system maintenance, which often prevent SMBs from experiencing the benefits of corporate-grade IT services
  • Extending the boundaries of the “office” to anywhere there is Internet access
  • Improving communication by letting SMBs extend access to these collaboration tools, such as document sharing, to important business partners or suppliers
  • Providing full integration with Comcast?s network and around-the-clock support

Now I’m wondering how long before Comcast starts bundling MS Office upgrades, network integration services and managed LAN IT services.  

One of our core company values here at Tech Care Team is to ALWAYS do what is right for the customer, but in this case does that mean we should just go sign a Comcast reseller agreement and tell our Microsoft Partner managers that there is no need to renew our Certified Partner status next year, or should I just go all the way and start adding Google Apps to our portfolio? 

ODG, was Vlad actually right?

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  2. Have you ever used and or delat with COmcast? It is even worse than At&T…
    What MS and its partners should do is to begin to give more details about SBS 2008 instead of keeping everything secret.

    By Fritzly on Nov 18, 2007

  3. Agree with Fritzly. The only reason we’re in business is because Dell, CDW, HP, etc can’t do what we do. Comcast makes all of those look efficient. It’s your relationship with the client that the Fortune 1000 can’t touch.

    By Joe Gleinser on Nov 18, 2007

  4. Microsoft originally marketed SBS directly to end users. How many secretaries and accountants come to our meetings to learn to enhance their Exchange management?

    There are three types of small businesses: those who will never hire a consultant, those who have a relationship, and those who need to get a relationship.

    This is my market:

    They buy computers at Best Buy, don’t have a clue, and their computers are so incidental to their business practices that when everything goes black, they’ve lost nothing.

    They decide they want to do computers like the big boys. They hire a consultant who sells them a Server 2003 with gigabit ethernet and a T-1 but never integrates it into their business. After he leaves, their primary use is accessing AOL mail and a single-user with Quickbooks.

    They try to roll their own. They own a domain but are showing @netzero as their business email account. They buy 5-user hosted services on a 256 K DSL. And they wonder why everything seems so slow.

    ‘nuff said. We’ll be around after Microsoft and Google have changed their business plan a dozen times.

    By Bill on Nov 23, 2007

  5. Hey Bill,
    I couldn’t agree more. Vlad and I were just laughing the other day about all the opportunity the big guys create when they try to serve SMB directly. I can’t count the number of SBS OEMs from Dell I’ve been called in to repair or reinstall after a well meaning business owner bought into the idea that they could do it themselves. The only bummer is how the product’s reputation takes a ding when this happens.

    By Mark on Nov 23, 2007

  6. There appears to be confusion around what Comcast has announced. “Microsoft Communication Services” is a Comcast brand for thier service and has nothing to do with MS Live.

    Comcast has taken advantage of the Service Provider Licensing Agreement and deployed the Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration from Microsoft. Both of which are available to any Microsoft partner. Additonally, there are several White Label providers that an SBSC can work with to deliver thier own branded service.
    Partners who serve the small business should think about expanding thier portfolio to include managed/hosted services. Service and local relationship is still the key…

    By Elliot on Nov 26, 2007

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