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December 26, 2007 – 8:22 am

The Windows Vista customer evidence team is looking for small-business customers who have had positive experiences with their Windows Vista deployments. If you have a customer that fits this description, we?d like to document their experience in a case study to be published on The case study would require customers to sign a standard PR release, participate in a telephone interview of 45-60 minutes, and review the draft document, which is attached in this discussion string. Please fill out to this formĀ to nominate a potential candidate for the program, and email completed form to

Please respond by December 31, 2007. If you have any questions about this request, you may contact

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  2. Mark Crall is my IT/network/computer “guy,” although I’m sure I am one of the clients he moans about when talking/drinking with other MVP’s. I have a small SBS network with three clients, one of which (mine) runs Vista Business 64 (I actually like Vista). Mark’s company recently replaced my old SBS server with a new box running R2. We had virtually no problems with the changeover. My Vista box runs great. I don’t know if this is what Mark was looking for, but here is a successful deployment of a new R2 server on a network already running a Vista client. Thanks, Mark.

    By Dixon Robertson on Dec 26, 2007

  3. Thanks Dixon! Wow, I must be up to 9 readers now. I had no idea any of my customers read my blog. I guess I better watch what I post. ;-)
    One correction: While I enjoy the frienship and a few drinks with many MVPs, I am not one. That is an honor reserved for those that do much more on the technical side for their communities tham I could ever imagine.

    Thanks again for the great comment!

    By Mark on Dec 27, 2007

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