Forgot to check the glove box…

January 23, 2008 – 9:50 am

So I set up the Response Point Status Monitor for SBS this week but couldn’t find any instructions or information as to what exactly I just installed (yes, blind trust).  Thanks RP team for this handy document.  Now back to playing with my kewl toy.   

BTW, had a buddy from Fonix (the company that makes speech recognition for games like Wii’s High School Musical Sing Along) and he was fairly impressed with the magic behind the blue button.  ;-)

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  2. what the deal with fonix , you have a friend over there is there any new exciting things going on besides game, like something with google or microsoft or even apple, i wonder if they are doing anything with the vr for iphone

    By TOM on Mar 20, 2008

  3. whats the blue button, and does your friend over there at fonix have anything new and exciting going on i hear the new endwar game is all voice commands, and they are in alot of new games. does your friend know if the co is sold to microsft.because 2 of the 3 founders just left the co, at a time when the co is in all the top selling games in the world. and acsesibility tech

    By TOM on Mar 27, 2008

  4. Fonix is excited about the focus Microsoft has on speech technology and their tremendous marketing has increased the exposure for the technology in general.

    The blue button is what Microsoft uses to trigger their speech recognition engine.

    Fonix has been delivering Speech recognition applications to busineses and has been very successful with speech recognition in the gaming industry and on handheld devices.

    We are excited that Apple has opened the iPhone to third party vendors and we are working on integration of our Voice dial product right now.

    Thanks for the support and make sure you line up for Endwar when it comes out later this year.

    By Mike on Mar 27, 2008

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