Southeast PCM Shuffle

January 25, 2008 – 12:46 pm

Well it was too good to last.  I have just received official word that there will be some changes with the PCM’s covering the Southeast.  Tom HarshbargerDespite my continued attempts to sabotage Tom Harshbarger’s career goals and keep him in his current position, he is being promoted to managing tPAM and SBSC tPAMs over for the Southeast.   Kudos to Tom for doing such a great job serving the community! Without getting all mushy and sappy I have to say that I owe much of success I have had in serving the SMB community to the amazing support Tom has selfishly given.  He knows when to give the softie party line and when to be a trusted advisor.  If Tom has impacted your community, business or life as much as he has mine, then you too know why his position will be a hard one fill.  Please take a moment to comment or send him a personal message of encouragement.

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