Response Point Status Monitor Update

February 4, 2008 – 10:54 am

Previously I talked about my installation of Response Point Status Monitor on my SBS.  While initially I was not so excited about the lack of obvious customization potential available to the admin, I did get a link to the Integration Docs from the RP team and today saw the following in my Server Performance Report.  Simple and reliable, why complicate something that works for 90% of small business that need reliable PBX?  I can’t wait to see what’s next from the RP team.  ;-)

Critical Errors in Microsoft Response Point Status Monitor Log

Source   clip_image001  Microsoft Response Point Status Monitor

Event ID   10007

Last Occurrence   2/3/2008 10:33 AM

Total Occurrences   1

The phone Accounting phone (00-xx-24-xx-52-xx) extension 138 has not registered with the base unit, and is unable to make or receive calls. Verify that the phone is connected to the LAN and powered on.

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