The Most Informative SBS Chat Session You Will Ever Attend!

March 14, 2008 – 11:07 am

So you work with Small Business Server or small businesses and you know there is this thing called the SBS Community out there but you haven’t yet experienced it firsthand…  Well next week is your chance!  Come join fellow SBSers from around the globe as we discuss everything from how to plan for Cougar migrations to where Chris Rue really get’s his artistic talents from;-)

Here is the official announcement from Handy Andy:

March 19th 7:00pm Eastern Time

Big Chat in a Small World

The MCP SBS Chat is the longest running monthly live web chat on the planet, thanks to dedicated attendance by our regulars and many years hosting and support by known also in print now for Redmond Magazine. We celebrate that having actually outlasted and outgrown the old chat resources at, we have launched here with dramatically expanded chat features and more seats available.

Our new home for MCP SBS Chat is sponsored now by, hosting us with substantially expanded chat capacity, plus delivering all the really cool new features that have been popularly requested. It’s time we find out just how many people have been knocking every month but they couldn’t get in!

As a bonus, you can expect (the man behind the curtain at SBS-MVP Jeff Middleton will now be sitting in with us most every month because he can’t say he didn’t remember the SBS Chat is every 3rd Wednesday each month.

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  2. But thats in a time conflict with my American Idol voting pre-party AKA the best time to score with teens.

    -Average SBSer

    By Vlad Mazek on Mar 15, 2008

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