What’s New in Response Point SP1?

March 21, 2008 – 1:48 pm

Today, Microsoft shared with a limited number of partners what is new and improved in their Response Point Small Business phone system and the news is HOT!  While I can’t share the juicy details until Monday, I can tell you that the most common requests are the ones being answered in SP1

Many of you have asked me why RP came with such a limited set of features compared to the systems they are attempting to compete with and I have a two part answer:

  1. I believe it was a marketing decision to limit certain features that you would expect to be standard.  For example SIP Trunking.  If RP came initially to market with SIP trunking the first thing that would happen is some bone-head would go and hook it up to a no name SIP providor over DSL and try to run a call center off of it.  He would then blame MS for the call quality issues and the rest of the anti-MS world would yell “Ah ha!  We knew RP would suck!”.  I believe it is a good choice by MS to start off Simple and Safe.
  2. Unlike RP’s competition, RP is Software.  Almost ALL software.  The hardware is strictly a formality.  I can imagine a future where you will put RP on your SBS or on a virtual server in your NOC and the handsets be hardware of softphone.  Why not?  Most of RP’s SMB competitors require an expansion card everything you want to add new features or functionality.  With RP actually being a telephony service running on Win XP, your feature expansion options are nearly limitless.

Check back Monday and I’ll share the details on RP SP1 and some links for things like RP Partner training, a “Rolling Beta” program and more.  Have a great weekend!

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