SBSC Goes to the Races -

March 22, 2008 – 1:47 pm

Microsoft has announced a special NASCAR sponsorship opportunity for SBSC Partners that wish to slap their own company logo on BAM Racing No. 49’s car (Sprint Cup car).  While I may not pony up the $4K to put my already famous logo in harms way, I do appreciate Microsoft continuing to uphold their promise to put some MS marketing $ into pushing the branding of the SBSC logo.  You may not realize how unprecedented this type of marketing is for Microsoft.

Now yes, I came up with at least a hundred jokes regarding NASCAR, Microsoft and Rednecks but I’m just not going to try and compete with Jeff Foxworthy for those laughs.  Besides, living in Charlotte, you have to be careful about those NASCAR/Redneck jokes as folk round these parts take racing as serious as they do religion - for some they are they same (There, I slipped one in!).  

 Be sure to check out the Microsoft SMB Community Blog to learn how you can trade your company’s logo paint with the big boys.   Also, enjoy the follwing sound bite about some of my neighbors.  This stuff is too funny to not be true.  ;-)

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  2. I’m happy to see Microsoft “Small Business” has gotten in to the NASCAR market. Lots of executives, lots of exposure. Whether Ken wins or loses the SBS WINS!! Let’s explode this opportunity! Will Action Auto be making 1:24 diecasts of the Microsoft 49 car? Great piece to display in your office or on your desk!!!

    Kasey Kan 9 Fan

    By Karen Roberts on Apr 9, 2008

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