Calyptix and Level Platforms Combine to Provide Partners Enhanced Managed Security Services

April 16, 2008 – 9:36 am

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Technology changes fast but good partnerships tend to last.”.  I’ve very pleased to have been show an advance copy of a press release announcing the partnering of LPI and Calyptix to provide us (MSPs) the potential to offer Security as a Service.  As I told Ben Yarbrough in a LEVEL PLATFORMS - Managed Services Software for Solution providersmeeting yesterday, technology, price point and delivery methods don’t make a product a good fit for MSPs, delivering a solution that fits our business model does.   I really think they get it.  Here is a bite from the PR:

Through this relationship, resellers can leverage Calyptix’ technology and business platform in conjunction with the Level Platforms’ Managed Workplace® dashboard to transition into and build a simple, yet feature-rich, managed security services line of business.

“The significance of this partnership lies in its tremendous flexibility, simplicity and rich feature set that we deliver to our partners. We’re packaging a business offering and a technology platform that allow our partners to build a comprehensive managed security services business that provides significant value to their customers without high upfront costs and with high profit potential” comments Ben Yarbrough, CEO of Calyptix.

I can tell you that Calyptix is not only listening closely to the MSP community, but they are also working hard to put the additional pieces in place to make their security technologies a compelling proposition for MSPs.  I believe their work with LPI is proof of that effort. 

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