CRM Online is Live - Community Reaction is Mixed

April 24, 2008 – 1:29 pm

So the buzz yesterday was about Microsoft’s release of CRM Live to the US and Canada and the fact the are allowing customers to sign up directly with Microsoft and not just via Partners.

While I have have commented many times on this strategy both on my blog, and in private to Redmond, today I’m going to do something different.  I’m going to shut-up and let the community talk.  Enjoy the linked quotes below and feel free to share your comments.

 Anne Stanton, The CRM Lady said, “The Official CRM Online software (formerly known as CRM Live) has been in use by a number of clients and partners over the last numerous months, this use shows Microsoft’s commitment and consideration for scalability, industry, partner and client feedback prior to releasing to the entire world. They are now ready and have announced CRM Online for all. Additionally in support of their Dynamics CRM partner community, they are offering special services to their partners to help with the demonstration and evaluation of the CRM Online product.”

Vijay Riyait, SBSC PAL writes, “I think this move is inevitable. I think there is opportunities in there for us, as over here not a whole load of SBSC Partners are doing MS CRM (that I can see). My only thing is Microsoft making things like the Early Access Programmes more widely available and defining more clearly the Partner opportunities. “

Ben Ahlquist, an SBSC Parnter, says, “Hosting is a commoditized business.  The real meat in any CRM is in the ongoing customization, workflow building, business function integration, etc.  If that part is referred back to the channel, then overall it could mean the channel would be “riding the tail of the 800 pound gorilla”, as Microsoft increases the exposure and market share of their CRM and feeds the strategic consulting work to its partners.”

Dave Overton blogged, “I think this looks very well considered and is something partners who want to move into CRM should look at for those customers who can’t make the initial up front investment.”

Susan Bradley (AKA, SBS Diva) writes, “Speaking as the view of the customer of partners, there are some Partners that I really wish Microsoft would help customers go around.  They do the Partner ecosystem a huge disservice.  And then there are those partners that I really wish Microsoft would not go around.  I understands Microsoft need to go around the first set of partners.  I don’t understand the need to go around the Mark’s of this world.

Stuart Crawford, SBSC PAL from Canada notes, “Microsoft CRM live is now available to small business in Canada and the US. As partners we have two strategies we can choose. The first is to play the victim and complain on why Microsoft is taking the direct approach or we can choose to find the opportunities and search out the blue ocean that is available to us. What will you choose?”

My Favorite:

Monday evening Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, when told the Microsoft announcement would come Tuesday, mocked the Microsoft product’s long gestation. “Haven’t they already announced that five times?” he said.

Have a great weekend!

  1. 2 Responses to “CRM Online is Live - Community Reaction is Mixed”

  2. Nice job reaching out and getting some field feedback Mark!

    Thanks Anne

    By Anne Stanton on Apr 24, 2008

  3. This is a sign of things to come — more and more services will be direct. Is this good for customers? I think time will tell. It is, however, a big change for partners… and not necessarily good for partners.

    By Dave Sobel on Apr 24, 2008

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