Social Networking Via Outlook?

April 30, 2008 – 1:36 pm

Xobni GuyRecently I heard about a kewl Outlook plug-in and signed up for the “beta”.  Today I got my acceptance and quickly decided to take the plunge.  Xobni is it’s name and social networking is just a part of it’s game. After it spend 30 minutes indexing my slightly oversize Mailbox, I was able to see some pretty amazing stats about the folks I correspond with.  Wow, what an amazing program.  If you like Vista or Google search then you will really dig this.    Check out the videos below for the official overview or visit Tim Barrett’s blog in this for a good review.

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  2. Xobni is really cool. I got a beta invite as well, from signing up a while back.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around what the real value of this will be to me. The analytics portion is really nice. Daily Summary, Response times, etc…

    By Jesse Kliza on May 1, 2008

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