Ricoh Announces Hotspot Printing for Mobile Users

May 22, 2008 – 12:04 pm

RICOH announced yesterday at Gartner’s IT Channel Vision their new Hotspot printing that allows printing via a url to a Ricoh printer from any laptop or handheld mobile device (yes Dave Sobel, that includes iPhones). You don’t even need to have the application for the file to be printed installed on your device as converts the file in the cloud and sends the printer a print image. Pretty kewl. Starbucks, airports and hotels are just a few places you should expect to see the new Hotspot enabled Ricoh printers to start showing up. Expect to pay per page.

So what does that mean for the average MSP? Well if you don’t already enjoy the high margins and rebates from selling Ricoh, now is the time to consider it. For each revenue generating printer sold you should be selling an SLA right along with it. I see an emerging opportunity here folks. While Ricoh does offer a support contract that they and their certified repair partners fulfill you could tack on a small guaranteed response and monitoring fee. 

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