Give Up on Managed Services and Write a Book Instead!

May 28, 2008 – 1:00 pm

So in planning an upcoming blog I was fishing for opinions from various community leaders.   My favorite response was from Vlad Mazek whom suggested:

Admit defeat and start writing books or throw a conference or peer group?
-Vlad (mobile)

Since I’m not the most creative guy in the world he proceeded to share with me some book or seminar topics that he believes I’m a Subject Matter Expert in. 

How I made millions with spam sweepstakes $10 at a time

“Vendor whoring for fun and profit”

“Peer groups: None of us are as dumb as all of us”

“Partner Networks: Blind Leading The Blind through the darkness of business incompetence.”

“MSP: Convert your premium rates to commodity fees”

“MSP: From hundreds of dollars at a time to a few dollars a month”

Can I write a guest chapter? “Embrace your inadequacies”

-Vlad (mobile)

You have got to love how fast Vlad can think while sitting in a restaurant spending my customer’s money on his lunch while I’m here selling his services.  Maybe he is right.  Crap, I hate it when Vlad is right.  Almost as bad as when David has a good question.  ;-) 

I would have a contest like Vlad where I ask you my readers to post your suggested topics and the winner gets an ipod but there are two problems with that.  First, I only have about 12 readers.  Second, Vlad would probably win and then he would give it away for his next contest so what’s the point? 

  1. 2 Responses to “Give Up on Managed Services and Write a Book Instead!”

  2. Mark,

    I am SO not inviting you to speak at my upcoming “SMB Book Writers Conference: Plagorize Karl and Erick’s Books For Fun And Profit.”

    Maybe we can offer $10 to the first 10 people to suggest topics for it?


    By Vlad Mazek on May 28, 2008

  3. You should see the things he sends me :-)

    By Vijay Singh Riyait on May 28, 2008

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