MSP Hardcore Video

July 19, 2007 – 12:45 pm

Only watch these videos if you are dead serious about growing your managed services practice. I wouldn’t waste your time with any but the ones where Ryan Morris is presenting.  Get your notepad and hold on, you are about to drink from a fire hose.  Please comment back to this blog after you have seen one or two. 

If you need some amusement you can watch the General Session where the put me on a panel with 5 minutes notice.  Enjoy!

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  2. Great. Now I have to re-vamp my entire business. Thanks a lot.

    In reality, it took me twice as long to watch the videos because I kept pausing to take notes. He doesn’t say anything successful business people don’t already know–it’s the process, stupid–but he reminds us to look at the sales, marketing, and business processes that framework our client relationships.

    So I’ll grudgingly review and revise my processes.

    By Lawrence Doyle on Aug 2, 2007

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