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June 11, 2008 – 7:58 am

I hate to blog this as you may be one of my competitors but my rule is to do what is right for the end user and the community.  I believe that Managed Services IS right for many customers but we do a poor job of helping them understand the value that it holds for their business.  I suggest you pre-order this book now because if this book is as good as his last one, you are in for a real treat!


A Guide to MARKETING Managed Services – faster, easier, & for greater profit.You’ve figured out Managed Services (perhaps because you own the first book in Matt Makowicz’s ”faster, easier & for greater profit” series - A Guide to SELLING Managed Services – faster, easier, & for greater profit). Now you can really grow your business by attracting and bringing on NEW customers that don’t come from referrals! Learn from sales & marketing guru, Matt Makowicz who ran an MSP and personally sold millions of dollars in Managed Services agreements. Learn from his experience in this comprehensive 26 chapter guide today! (see Table of Contents below!)

Note:  Pre-Order pricing valid until approximately July 10th, 2008 or until actual Publish date.  Book will ship within 2 business days of actual publishing date, currently scheduled for July 11th, 2008.

A Guide to MARKETING Managed Services – faster, easier, & for greater profit


SECTION I – Marketing Managed Services

1) Moving beyond word of mouth

a) Being Proactive about growing YOUR business

b) Marketing is “getting the phone to ring”

c) Change your expectations

2) Referral programs

a) Not the only source

b) How to cultivate the right relationships

c) Why paid referral programs don’t work

3) Partnerships

a) Legal relationships

b) Leveraging other companies to get new customers

c) Always have more than one

d) Great source of referrals

4) Acres of Diamonds

a) Marketing to existing customers

b) Why it is easier to sell more to a customer

c) Doing disservice to customers without the best solution

5) Leveraging Microsoft

a) Local sales area team


c) What to know about Microsoft people

d) Air Cover marketing

e) Local Engagement Team

6) Budgeting for Success

a) Expenses

b) Cost of Sale guidelines

c) Marketing Budget guidelines

d) List all marketing activities that can bring in revenue

e) Treat “marketing” as a department in your company

f) GOALS first

SECTION II – Marketing Techniques

7) Public Speaking

a) Teachable skill

b) Becoming the Subject Matter Expert

c) Preparation

d) Outlining

e) Delivering

8) Conferences, trade shows, & other events

a) Sponsorships – when & how

b) Attendees – working the crowd

c) Give a ways

9) Telling a Story

a) Compelling action

b) Emotional decisions

c) W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me?)

d) Pain vs. Pleasure when marketing

10) Branding

a) Silent marketing engine

b) Everywhere – a list of branding opportunities

c) Branding with people

d) Consistency

e) Branding police

f) Logo guidelines

g) Why successful companies take it very seriously

11) Playing the Part

a) What your office says about your business

b) Professionalism

c) Act as if

d) “Just get me in front of the prospect.”

12) Time management

a) Tackling difficult tasks

b) Plan to fail vs. fail to plan

c) Be realistic, not entrepreneurial

d) Prioritizing action items

e) A little every day

SECTION III – Marketing Strategies

13) Events

a) Why events should be part of your Marketing Plan

b) Preparation

c) Demand generation – who, how & what?

d) Venue options

e) Food & beverage

f) Following up

14) Chamber of Commerce

a) Get involved and get started

b) Committees

c) Public speaking opportunities

15) Networking Groups

a) Private vs. Franchised groups

b) The good, the bad, & the ugly

c) When it’s time to move on

16) Cold Calling

a) Every dial makes money

b) Predictable

c) Do every day

d) How to get past the gatekeeper

17) Newsletters

a) Printed vs emails

b) Passive marketing tool

c) Customer spotlight/case study

d) Customer’s looking for people

18) Website

a) 24×7

b) What is the feel?

c) What can a visitor do on the site?

d) Mailing list sign up

e) Privacy statement

f) Selling anything?

g) Give good information

h) Search Engine Optimization

19) Blogs, Articles, Webinars, & Interviews

a) “out there” forever

b) Establishing yourself as the source for information

c) Driving people to other mediums

d) Setting your expectations

e) Tips & techniques

20) Marketing via Partnerships

a) Initial conversation

b) Lunch meeting

c) Create an immediate action plan

d) Don’t tie hands

21) Advertising

a) Radio

b) TV

c) Newspapers

d) Yellow Pages

e) Magazines

f) Billboards

g) Banner Ads

22) Mailings

a) Direct mailings

b) Postcards

c) Odd items

23) Charity & Goodwill

a) Define your purpose (business or charity)

b) Apply same rules as with other activities

c) Set a cap for all charitable giving for year

24) Golf Outings

a) Sponsorships

b) Foursome

c) Alcohol in moderation

d) Etiquette

e) Playing do’s & don’ts

25) Proposals

a) Referral letters

b) Thorough approach

c) One pager approach

d) Presentation matters

26) Names List

a) Sphere of influence

b) People you know people you don’t

c) Average person meets over 1,000 people in a lifetime


Appendix A – I.A.M.C.P.

Appendix B – Microsoft Marketing Tools

Appendix C – Other Marketing Resources out there

Appendix D – Ambition Consulting

Appendix E – CD-ROM Contents

    1. EVENT – follow up email template
    2. EVENT – Analysis Request form
    3. EVENT – Raffle Form (point is to gather contact info)
    4. PR – Press release template
    5. PR – Interview questions prep (help interviewer tell a story)
    6. PR – Case Study/Customer Solution Profile
    7. PR – Microsoft Award Submission Sample (winner)
    8. PR – Microsoft Award Submission Sample (SBSC Finalist)
    9. MARKETING – SUPPORT example
    10. MARKETING – ANALYSIS example
    12. MARKETING – Newsletter template
    13. MARKETING – Branding Guidelines (for internal staff and contractors)
    14. MARKETING – Documentation Template (for all external facing documents)
    15. MARKETING – Email Auto Signature
    16. OWNER – Ideal Week template
    17. ADVERTISING – Golf Cart Ad template
    18. ADVERTISING – Chamber or other business directory ad/business description
    19. WEBINAR – Getting Customers By Running Events
    20. WEBINAR – Getting Customers through Public Speaking
    21. WEBINAR – Get on the Phone & Make Some Money

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information provided. Final information will be included in the published work – A Guide to MARKETING Managed Services – faster, easier, & for greater profit and is subject to change and/or modification until actual publishing date.

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