Microsoft Task Market Opens for Preview

June 12, 2008 – 9:50 am

While there is good money selling solution and services sometimes it’s nice to earn a nickel or two doing small projects that are second nature to us.  Call it EBay money if you will ;-).  Microsoft is testing the waters on a new intermediary/broker solution to bring those that need tasks/projects done together with those of us that can do them with our eyes closed.  Check out the Technology Preview of their new Microsoft Task Market.

Eric breaks it down like this:

Task Market Solvers create profiles of their skills to help Posters assign tasks to Solvers with the right skill sets, and get email alerts when a job arrives that fits their skillsets. Posters can award and pay several solvers for tasks to compare results, and give more work to the ones they like. All without the commitment of a freelance engagement.

I’m curious to see how this venture pans out.  While this initially sounds like a reasonable solution to a market need, without the complex, behind-the-scenes, customer and vendor protection you have in systems like EBay and OnForce, I might have a few concerns about some folks getting burned by error, bad project scopes, poor work or even fraud.  

I was looking at a recent task request to write a collect letter.  The pay was $35 dollars.   It generated 9 responses from people wanting the work.  Here a few of the responses:

      • i do this job in time.
      • please let me know the state, type of product,
      • If you can give me futher details, I should be able to complete within an hour or less. Contact me if you are still needing assitance. My email address is;
      • What kind of institution is this? Willing to do.

While the rest of the responses look pretty good and seemed to sell the service, the ones above highlight some of the possible issues.  Is this too simple to generate good results that meet expectations or is it simple enough to be brilliant?  Would you use it?

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  2. This looks like a perfect solution for folks interested in price only, with no regard for quality. I am sure they will get what they are looking for.
    Would you like fries with that?

    By HandyAndy on Jun 13, 2008

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