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July 23, 2007 – 1:50 pm

While I have not made it by the local CompUSA to introduce myself as I suggesting in my prior post, one of my fellow SBS Group members, Chuck Trawick has and he writes:

I went by and met Kim at CompUSA on Friday.  He seemed very glad to meet me and spoke about doing some work together.  They apparently have two programs one that a Business or Store manager can run through Inforce and the TechCare Pro program you mentioned in your blog.  On the informal one they bill out the time at $125/hr.  They take 30% (drops it to 87.50) and then Inforce takes 10% which drops it to $80.  They apparently bill the time in increments, so that if the engagement is for 50 hours they bill 25 hours up front and pay you up front.  He did not specify what up front meant exactly and I thought it better to let a relationship develop before I pushed too much..  One can always do a small task and see what happens.  If it is not a good fit you can move on with no loss.

The TechCarePro program requires 4 employees plus has some additional restrictions.  I plan to explore that a bit more.  The online contract states that you get paid 45 days after you bill them unless you specify differently in the SOW.  Also stated, vaguely, is the implication that the client remains the client of COMPUSA.

While I am not all that excited about the rate, in my case, it is a start and we?ll see what happens and see if anything develops and the kind of clients that they have.

So what do you think?  Do your potential customers shop “big-box” or is this a waste of everybody’s time?  I need some memory for a customer today so I guess I’ll take and drive and see what I can find out.

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