Microsoft Demo Showcase 2008 SMB Edition Download Available

July 15, 2008 – 11:21 pm

While I’ve not checked this out yet is sounds like it might be a good combination of demos and sales material.  If you get a good look at and care to send me your thoughts I would be very interested in knowing your opinion. 

The Demo Showcase 2008 SMB Edition is a set of 4 comprehensive click through demonstrations designed for partners. These customer scenario demos feature 12 different Microsoft technologies working together to resolve business needs. Included in the scenarios are the following products: Windows Essentials Business Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2008, Office 2007, Windows Vista, SQL 2008, System Center Essentials 2007, Dynamics CRM 4.0, SharePoint Server 2007 and more.

These four demos represent the four customer campaigns - Business Productivty, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Security and Reliability and Business Solutions.

With the Demo Showcase 2008 SMB Edition, partners can show customers how a collection of integrated technology solutions can be used to solve their business needs.

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