Credit Where Credit is Due

July 24, 2007 – 8:21 am

Tom The Train Harshbarger
Thomas the Train

Thanks for reminding me Andy, it’s good to give thanks publicly too.  Besides, I’ve got till July 08 before they consider promoting  him and I’ll have plenty of time to confirm that doesn’t happen. ;-)

Insert shameless and possibly mushy display of appreciation:  Tom ROCKS!  If you are an MS Partner in the Southeast then you are blessed to have Tom Harshbarger on your team.   Over the past six months I’ve been given a lot of credit and recognition for my work in the IT Pro and SMB communities but as grateful as I am for the kudos, I still think of myself as they guy gullible enough to step in front of the train (or better yet pushed by Andy and Dave1) - Tom is a lot of the momentum behind that train.  Thanks for all you do Tom and good luck on your expanded territory.

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