FREE MS Press Book

July 20, 2008 – 9:41 pm

The Competitive Sales Assistance (CSA) team has a pretty sweet offer for any of you MS Partners taking MS products head-to-head against their competition. 

The offer is composed of two parts. The first offer is for a FREE MSPRESS BOOK that will be sent out to any partner that uses the CSA service for the first time. So, if you haven’t used CSA before you can get a book sent out to you just by letting us help you with a competitive situation. The second is a 55% DISCOUNT off the top 40 titles on MS Press. This offer is available to all partners with no limit on the number of titles they can order. A list of the top 40 titles is available on our homepage at

You heard it here first.  This offer will not be announced publicly until August.

If you have any questions after reviewing the Exclusive Book Offers.ppsx please contact our marketing specialist, Heidi Heckendorf (

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