Insights on What Employees Want From You

July 22, 2008 – 2:08 pm

Hey Sobel, this one is for you!  ;-)

I’m not sure who gave me the following items that have been taped to my monitor for the past 2 years nor who orginally wrote it but nevertheless, major props to both. 

If you have employees the following may seem simplistic to you. If that is the case, then I challenge you to ask your staff if you are actually doing these things.  Easy to do is also easy to not do. 

Insights on what employees want from you:

-To know where the company is headed and why

-to know their roles, responsibilities and what is expected of them

-to know how they will be evaluated and rewarded

-to utilize their talents in the best way possible

-to feel appreciated and valued - that their work and ideas matter

-to be coached - challenged, motivated and held accountable

-to have the right tools, training and authority to do their jobs

-to contribute in a meaningful way to the company and to its mission

-to grow and develop - to reach their potential

-to have an emotionally connected, competent manager/leader of character support their success

Good luck!

  1. 3 Responses to “Insights on What Employees Want From You”

  2. Great stuff Mark!

    By Jesse Kliza on Jul 22, 2008

  3. Or you could just burn money…

    This good stuff.


    By Dave Sobel on Jul 22, 2008

  4. So the “Burn Money” story is that infamous huh? =)

    By NickB on Jul 26, 2008

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