Part 2 of the New Microsoft Sienfield / Gates Ad

September 12, 2008 – 7:11 am

I was skeptical at first (as I told CRN in this interview) but am feeling better about Microsoft’s choice on direction in their entry into the Mac vs. PC battle.  When I saw the first commercial my wife an I both looked at each other and said “disappointing”.  I then watched a 15 year old watch the commercial during the Panther’s game Sunday and he started laughing.  This wasn’t his first time seeing the ad.  I guess if Microsoft is going to spend $300 million I should have some faith that they did their market research.  And that market research probably didn’t include the demographics of a 40 year old while male business owner and Microsoft partner.  Of course I don’t get the humor in “The Office” either. 

Enjoy the second ad below or tune in to Ghost Whisperer tonight for the second ad aired live.

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