StorageCraft IT Edition 72% Off Via MSPSN

September 23, 2008 – 8:36 am

Wow!  You read that correctly.  If you have read my blog for any length of time, or seen me do a disaster recovery presentation, then you know what a big fan of StorageCraft and MSPSN that I am.  This is the very same version of StorageCraft that I use to do ALL my virtualization conversions and disaster recoveries.  Seriously, they don’t pay me a dime to say this stuff so I’m going to be very direct with you:  Signup for MSPSN and get all the thier amazing benefits, services and peer group support then justify it with the savings you get buy purchasing the THE BEST disaster recovery software ever made.  You won’t regret it.

Message from MSPSN:

At the recent MSP Revolution conference, many of you asked StorageCraft to once again make the $995 technicians’ license for ShadowProtect IT Edition available to the MSPSN group.

We have taken that feedback to heart and will extend this offer to all MSPSN members through the end of September 2008.  To make the offer even better this time, members who take advantage of the 72% discount will be locked in at the same price for all subsequent years renewals.

MSPSN members who want to take advantage of this offer can visit  (Sorry, removed link to protect discount.  Please contact MSPSN for the link/code)

Click on the buy now button to receive this special discount.

In addition, StorageCraft has also reached a partnership agreement with MSPSN for its MSP program.

This agreement offers the following benefits to MSPSN members:

Members receive the first month of their StorageCraft ShadowProtect subscription free for an unlimited number of machines. This 30-day period begins once the product is registered and is in addition to the 30-day trial period that StorageCraft currently offers.  Essentially, MSPSN members that join can have customers up and running for 60 days before MSP license fees are incurred

Also, MSPSN members are not subject to the same minimum requirements as other StorageCraft MSP partners.  Contact MSPSN directly to take advantage of the StorageCraft MSP purchasing program.
If you have specific questions about this offer, you can contact Brandon Fabert, StorageCraft Business Development Manager, at
(801) 545-4741

Storage Craft is working hard to provide solutions for the SMB MSP.  Take advantage of this deal today!

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