Dude! Bears Bite Dell

September 24, 2008 – 5:12 pm

So as you can imagine, living in the shadow of B of A and Wachovia and with my entire 401K wrapped up in Wells Fargo, I tend to watch the stock market trends with some level of anxiety.  I haven’t really paid attention to the tech stocks lately(at least not since I lost my shirt on the MP3.com IPO!) until fellow HTGer Chris Brown sent me an article talking about how investor confidence doesn’t seem to be in Dell right now either.  Check out this report from the Morning Star “A ‘Dell-emma’ Wrapped In A Financial Crisis” where Ben Charny reports on how Dell has missed out on the investors redirection of funds from the financial stocks.

Now if I can just get Hyper-V loaded on this darned 2900.  I’m going to give it a 4th try.  ;-)

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  2. Mark, I’m enjoying your blog and learning alot about MSFT partners and their products and issues. I’m sure Dell’s issues are in some part a byproduct of their guilty verdict in a NY Superior Court in June of fraudulent and deceptive practices in their lease/finance transactions with their customers. A copy that article can be found here in case you missed it over the summer:



    By StuFinancesTech on Oct 7, 2008

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