Spinners on a Server? Get Your Blade Pimped!

September 25, 2008 – 12:17 pm

A full portable blad server system with spinners, on-board X-Box, neon mood lighting, integrated Zune player and especially the espresso machine! Sign me up! Seriously, sometimes the most creative marketing ideas are a spin-off of somebody else’s idea and this one is no exception.

The deal goes like this:

Pimp My Infrastructure is a contest sponsored by the fine folks at HP and Microsoft. Two lucky businesses will receive a fantastic prize package – one valued approximately at US$16,000 and the other at approximately US$36,000.

To top it off, your reseller could be a winner, too.  If we pick your entry, your reseller also gets a US$5,000 shopping spree from HP.

Learn more and register here.

HP used some very creative thinking over the past year with their ROK (Reseller Option Kit) campaign where they captivated us in private rooms during various channel events with Guitar Hero face-off competitions (see Microsoft’s Paige Boesen and the never-speechless Chris Rue face-off here while I took the picture at WPC 2008) in an effort to expand their partner program. Now they have really taken it to the next level with an amazingly creative campaign that is going to motivate their resellers to drive customers to an entertaining, yet very informative YouTube video in hopes the customers will enter the contest. This contest is compelling, creative, edgy yet tactful and sure to be a hit for HP and their resellers.

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