NASCAR, Microsoft Style

October 14, 2008 – 8:24 pm

I’ll have to admit, for somebody that has never been to a race before, it was an amazing experience going to the Bank of America 500 this past Saturday.  Of course, I don’t think everyone has quite the same experience that my customers and I did thanks to Microsoft’s LET team and Michael Waltrip Racing.  While I’m not itching to go back soon for the sitting in the windy and noisy stands for 3.5 hours watching cars go around part, I did enjoy the pre-race festivities.  I wish I had brought a better camera but I’m sure these pictures will be enough to make Rue’s arrowhead green with envy.  Enjoy

Josh Wise shares (over lunch) about his rise from as 7 year old midget car racer all the  way to racing  the Craftsman Truck Series and now the Nationwide Series at age 25.  Rumor has it he is being groomed to take Michael’s seat in the #55 in the near future.  With the heart and courage this “kid’ showed during his brief talk with us I wouldn’t doubt it a bit.  He must be good, he’s got his own web site now.


One of my good clients enjoying the lasagna while seated among about 20 cars spread throughout the fabrication shop.  This place is something like 240,000 square feet of pure muscle!


I had to grab a quick pic by the UPS car to send to my best friend whom has driven brown for over 20 years. 


I guess Bruce Marshal from Microsoft LET team actually believed me when I told him we were doing a Microsoft / NASCAR sexy model calendar series as he strikes this pose.  Hey Bruce, are those Bugle Boy jeans you are wearing?  ;-)


Many of you remember Brian Von Axelson from his work with the TS2 events.  Well now as he shows his aspirations to speak like Ballmer. 


Now here is something you don’t see everyday.  No, I’m not talking about Michael “Murph” Murphy from Microsoft checking to see if the keys are in the ignition, but this is an actually prototype of the 2009/2010 COT (Car of Tomorrow) that will be used in the NASCAR Nationwide series.  Hey Batman, we found your car!

Brian and Murph gawk in amazement as we are escorted right to the garages at the center of Lowe’s Motor Speedway. 


Now for the view down garage row.  What I can’t share is how loud it was as they jacked these babies up in the back and reved the engine to the max.  Amazing.  I think our “MAC loving” Dave Sobel will want the car behind me.  And yes Vlad, it is faster than your pink Miata convertible.


Yes, inside the garage Chris.  Eat your heart out!


This one was for my wife.  ;-) 


The yet to become famous 00 being driven by AJ is getting ready for inspection.  While the SBSC logo was on board, it couldn’t keep him from crashing midway thru the race.  Bummer.  Better put that logo back on the hood. 


No trip to a race would be complete without a stroll down pit row.  Hey look, a Kool-Aid stand.  ;-)


So I guess Joe Gibbs secret date with Cindy McCain wasn’t such a secret.  Hey Joe, it’s not good to be hitting on the wife of the potential next leader of the free world.  ;-)


And lastly, here is where Cindy stops to ask me for my autograph.  She must have seen me speak in Seattle last week.  I’ve got to admit, I know why Joe is risking it now.  She looks even better in person.  You go John!  BTW, she told me she too was a PC;-)


13 hours and 6 hot dogs later we made it back to MWR’s shop to find our much slower cars and head home.  Now that was a fun day/night of an event, even with that silly race they had.  Thanks for reading this far and sharing a once in a lifetime event with me.   And a special thanks to Eric for this amazing event he created yet was unable to attend.  We all know Eric ROCKS, just now globally too

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