New President, Same Nation, Same God!

November 5, 2008 – 9:05 am

In reading my morning email from Arlin Sorensen (I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing this) I want to share the following quote that really sums up how I feel about the election results.  He wrote, “Today we have a new president.  No surprise to me who was elected.  And no sense crying over spilled milk either.  Time for all of us to focus on living our lives focused on God.  Nothing changed with Him yesterday.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.“ 

While I strongly disagree the President Elect’s economic and foreign policies, I know that a united nation under his leadership is greater than a divided nation under any great leader.   Therefor, I will keep the following three things in mind that help me personally surrender to and support this change in our Nation’s leadership:

  1. God raises up and takes down leaders according to his plan, not mine.  I can like it or not but it’s still true. 
  2. We live in the greatest nation in the world!  John F. Kennedy once said of Berlin, “Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in, to prevent them from leaving us.”  Let us NOT put up political or emotional walls of bitterness founded in partisanship on  that block the new Commander in Chief from doing the good the majority of the people in this nation believe him to be capable of doing.
  3. This is still a government of the people and the people of this nation have an amazing spirit that enables us to succeed without excuses and often in light of the adversity to our goals. 

I think a core belief in a power, cause and purpose greater than self, yet executed through individualists, has always inspired me to carry-on with my held held high and proud to be an American no matter what the immediate future looks like.  What do you believe in?

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  2. and after taking a deep breath (and a deep swig of spirits) I agree, specifically with not putting up walls - let the guy have his day and consequences will out either way.
    I believe in praying for mercy :-)

    By john mark on Nov 5, 2008

  3. I say a solid “AMEN” and “praise Jesus” to most of what you just said but I have to argue just 1 point.

    “This is still a government of the people…”

    Not anymore and this election proved it. For the most part, the USA is a government of the people but as far as the presidency is concerned, is a government of the electoral college. If the USA was still a government of the people, the electoral college votes would have been pretty close to split down the middle.

    In this day and age, there is no longer a need for the electoral college. It was created to give “more educated votes” to people who never actually heard the candidates speeches, people who didn’t have the same access to news and the candidates lives that we have today.

    Our elections have become a farce. The electoral college reigns supreme in the decision of our next president and it needs to be abolished. Until it is, I have no faith in the U.S. presidential elections.


    By Computer Network Consulting on Nov 12, 2008

  4. Sorry, after thought…

    That being said, it is not Obama that I have the problem with, it is the system. I will be praying for our new president even though I voted against him.

    By Computer Network Consulting on Nov 12, 2008

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