Microsoft Markets Deployment Services to SA Customers

November 20, 2008 – 10:14 am

If I’m reading Andy’s blog correctly, Uncle Bill has decided they know what service provider (formally know as Partner) is best for the customers we have brought them.  I could write a very long blog on this but I’m sure Vlad will cover it for us (hopefully not with imagery) in detail.  Also keep an eye out for Kevin McLaughlin’s next story on WESS for a related topic.  It should be published to CRN later today.

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  2. Don’t hold your breath for it buddy…

    I’ve been telling people this was coming for years, and I’ve built a competitive business models to let the partners have an actual play in the new marketplace.

    My energy will be dedicated to helping those that care to exist as IT businesses down the road adapt what we’ve built. Bashing Microsoft for addressing the market needs is really not really worth anyone’s time, save those who need to feel sorry for themselves.


    By Vlad Mazek on Nov 20, 2008

  3. I don’t think I’m worried about my current accounts, because they are not going to trust Microsoft to work in their best interest. So as soon as Microsoft contacts them, they are going to call me and I will tell them what Microsoft is up to. However, this does worry me about Microsoft’s view of us. It seems Microsoft’s left hand does not know what it’s right hand is doing - or they are just flat out lying to us.

    By Steve Donaldson on Nov 21, 2008

  4. Mark,

    I believe there is some mis-understanding of what these Packaged Services for Software Assurance are. I have just put together a post on my Blog to help explain what they are and hopefully ease your concern. I have also included links on how Partners can become providers of these services if you are servicing the 200+ PC customer segment, since that is where these services apply.

    By Eric Ligman on Nov 26, 2008

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