Will Microsoft Online Store Affect Distributors?

November 21, 2008 – 9:37 am

Yesterday I mentioned you should keep an eye out for a CRN story on WESS.  Well here is a link to the piece from Kevin McLaughlin, ChannelWeb Writer.

The quote I gave Kevin that he didn’t use follows (although Chris and Vlad touched on the topic with their quotes to CRN).

“This may be hard for many Microsoft Partners to stomach but at the end of the day, if Microsoft truly believes selling customer direct is the right thing for their customers and their shareholders then they need to do so.  But, when a major company like Microsoft attempts to fill the shoes of their channel partners they have better have included collateral damage in their ROI calculations because going down this path, as many major tech companies such as Dell and Symantec have recently proven, is a potentially slippery slope that can cause an irreversible backlash of hyper-sensitivity and speculation among their channel partners.”

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  2. Actually, my review of the store was here:

    It was a realization that Microsoft 2.0 is a customer-oriented business that doesn’t need it’s partners. This is fair game as far as I’m concerned, businesses do get a right to change their business models.

    When they do so, they do so with consequences. And as our great 43rd president says, “We have a saying in texas. Maybe it’s everywhere. Fool me once.. shame on you. Fool me twice shame on you, no wait, well the point is you can’t be fooled again”

    Companies simply change their models over time as they evolve. It no longer involves you. So what?


    By Vlad Mazek on Nov 21, 2008

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