Time Warner Cable - Your Next MSP Competitor

November 26, 2008 – 11:26 am

So Time Warner Business Class Cable has finally crossed the line. The invisible line separating service provider from customer premise asset management. They are now offering managed security services with an onsite appliance (SonicWALL). While this is nothing new from traditional voice/data providors wherein they put their managed security offering into their IADs (usually Cisco or Netopia) or offer a cloud based security solution, this is a first for TWC. I guess they are riding on the confidence of their new Business Class VoIP offering.

The pricing runs as follows. 
Number of IPs on the LAN / $ per month:
1-10 / $69.95
11-25 / $79.95
25+ / $99.95

I have no doubt that this solution will sell for TWC and displace those traditional MSPs (if there is such a thing) whom have not yet included security in their managed services offering.  If you have not I’m wondering why. This is nothing more than a bundled HaaS MSP offering using SonicWALL with their turnkey Comprehensive Security Gateway subscription serivce.    If this in not in your plans then you should probably be reading Vlad’s blog this week.

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