Microsoft Markets Packaged Deployment Services - Partners Need to Get Listed to Provide

December 1, 2008 – 1:47 pm

hmmm[1]So does the title of this blog sum it up?  No? Let me try again.  Microsoft is marketing Packaged Services to eligible Software Assurance (SA) customers that are to be provided by qualified Partners but not necessarily the same partners that sold the SA to the customer.  Confused?  Well it is a clear as mudd to me too.  I get most of what Eric Ligman explains in his blog that was in response to some confusion instigated by Handy Andy (and others).   

Understanding the program is actually simple and Eric explains it clearly.  Understanding why this isn’t being offered directly by the Partners that sold the SA is still as much a mystery to me as is why some of the marketing is being sent to SA customers that are too small to even qualify.    If you have any clarity to offer please feel free to comment.  I don’t think it matters to me or my business but it make me go hmmm.

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  2. ANY partner can sign up to deliver Packaged Service Benefits, ANY… They just have to qualify by taking a certification exam or meeting the minimum technical bar. You “do” want someone that is qualified to deliver the engagement don’t you?

    If you are selling SA to customers and you are not registered to deliver Packaged Service Benefits, you might want to register to deliver the service.

    By Mike Hunt on Feb 5, 2009

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