Do NOT buy QuickBooks Online!

December 10, 2008 – 3:49 pm

I don’t usually vent via my blog but why not, it is a blog after all…

Had a customer that wanted to upgrade from QuickBooks 2007 to 2009 so I sent them to where they can easily order online.  As you all know you get free 30 days of tech support with you buy QB.  WRONG!  Called the support number today to resolve an issue and they advised me I had to buy QB from the phone number on not the store on to get the free 30 day support.  Do you think they tell you that anywhere on their site?  So after 1 hour and two supervisors I am told that I can get a refund from the QB online store and buy from the QB online phone number for only $10 more and get the free 30 days of support.  I argued the stupidity of that but apparently they just don’t care…  Oh yeah, one last thing.  Be sure to add this site to your favorites.

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  2. We get MS Accounting as part of the action pack, but our accountants won’t support it, yet. And neither does Autotask, as of the last time I looked.

    Isn’t it time for one of those market-shaking releases of a new product in this category? Something web-based, standards-compliant, and buzzwords-laden?

    (SOX-Compliant, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Twitter-integrated, Accounting Software, or SCW2SNTiAS, for short.)

    By William Rogers on Dec 15, 2008

  3. Funny story: Tried to place an order online for Quickbooks Pro and find out that Intuit only takes credit cards from the US and Canada. I call the 800# and get a rep in India (or somewhere nearby), get re-routed to a US # that does not work properly (system issues?) and eventually back to India where they take my card information over the phone. Half hour later, I get the news that my Mastercard, issued by a Scotiabank (Canada) branch here in The Bahamas, is not acceptable to Intuit.

    Well HAHAHA.

    By star on Mar 4, 2009

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