HTG and Ingram Announce "SMB Alliance"

December 16, 2008 – 9:27 am

image     Ingram Micro

Seems that Ingram sees the power in peers as well in the latest announcement that they will be leveraging HTG’s peer groups to server the business needs of their customers.  Read more about the announcement at CRM and then note Arlin’s corrections below (posted with permission). 

So the press as usual got some of it right and some of it wrong.  Always interesting to see how the press folks will write up things even when provided with the direct statements.  Here is the real skinny.

- HTG is still HTG and will be called such and totally independent from Ingram – they are contracting our services for their members that qualify

- HTG is managing all peer groups and activities (contrary to what the story in CRN says)

- Much of the activity will involve online groups

- Ingram is providing help with vendor management and backend infrastructure

- Ingram is allowing all HTG members to receive the benefits of their SMBA program and will help recruit partners that are a fit

- Ingram is helping with vendor recruitment, vendor contracts and fundraising

So the reality is that we as HTG are getting the industry leader’s help in building out our program and bringing additional benefits to our members, and we are helping them provide value to partners in their program that want and qualify to get involved in a peer group.  It really is that simple.  A win for both of us.  So if you read the article and got excited – take a deep breath – it is business as usual for HTG.  We didn’t sell out or give away the farm.  Quite the opposite.  Actually it is not just business as usual but business much better than usual with HTG 2.0.  We are going to have a fantastic year as we add more and more value to this program.  There are some fantastic changes happening to companies that leverage their peers in our community, and the best is just beginning.  I look forward to making it even better as we continue down the path together. 

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