Calling All Guinea Pigs, Come Resell Google Apps!

January 15, 2009 – 1:59 pm

It doesn’t look like the resellers are going to be running to Google’s new Reseller Program according to Scott and Kevin’s reports at CRN.  Quotes like, “My sole experience working with Google so far has been via their Postini offering, and that interaction taught me that Google hasn’t figured out how to work with partners or resellers yet,” said Michael Cocanower, president of Phoenix-based solution provider ITSynergy. “Frankly, I have no desire to go through the pain of trying to work with them while they figure things out.“, and “It’s better than nothing,” doesn’t exactly make me Google Appswant to rush out and add the new services offerings to our portfolio.  I wonder how many SMB IT pros will want to risk the trust of thier customers to be a part of the latest SaaZ craze like 6 year olds at a soccer game swarming the ball?  Hey, maybe Staples can add this to thier offering too! (Sorry I just couldn’t resist that cheap shot.)

Kevin’s report on how this will effect the channel quoting “yours truly” can be found here

My take?  I’m glad Google is going this route as nothing drives innovation like competition.  I think Microsoft is safe for now but, if Google can draw partners and figure out how to drive customer demand simultaneously, then look out Microsponge, Pinky may actually succeed in taking over the world! 

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  2. Props for using Pinky & The Brain in a blog post.


    By Vlad Mazek on Jan 15, 2009

  3. I have deployed several clients on Google apps. The key is to match the right client with Google Apps. If you tried to migrate a company that has been running Exchange, they are NOT going to be happy. However, if it’s a company that has been using thier domain providers POP accounts, they are going to be much better candidates. I have a client who has about 60 users. Every user has a laptop, there are no desktops in the whole company. I introduced them to google apps and they love it. And migration was simple. I guess it’s the same with anything, you have to find the right client for this offering.

    By Anthony on Jan 22, 2009

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