Got Web Widget?

March 16, 2009 – 2:14 pm

Have you put a widget on your web site yet?  What’s a widget you ask?  Actually they can do all sorts of things and were initially made popular by sites like MySpace and FaceBook and via advertisers on most of your popular sites.  Of course many were first exposed to widgets with Desktop Widgets in Windows Vista.  The ones I’m referring to have a more practical business purpose to you and I as they aggregate content, or at least headlines of content, from other sources into your site to add dynamic and expanded content with no continual upkeep on your part.

According to Harry Brelsford’s March SMB Advisory Newsletter they can also help drive traffic.

“One way to easily increase traffic to your site is to have a freshness factor. Presenting compelling content allows visitors to learn more and yearn to return frequently. “

No I’m not SEO expert but I do know good content when I see it which is why I agreed imageto host the Microsoft Local Business ( widget on my blog.  Check it out on my home page if you are reading this via a feed.  I have found the articles they link to are compelling and very informative.  They also have a subtle way of introducing my site visitors to some MS products and solutions that I  may not of even known they were interested in.  While some might be concerned this is MS’s effort to get my customers off of my site to buy stuff from them I don’t share that fear as it is my job to embed our company as their trusted advisor so we become their point of execution if they do get the fancy to purchase something shiny and new.  I guess you could saw we want to be a technology advisor widget embedded in our customers org structure.  ;-)

For those that would like to add an mslocalbiz widget please go to and get engaged with a business developement manager (they rock!).   For thousands of other widgets visit sites like widgetbox for a varity of selections.

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  2. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for implementing our widget! I’m glad you find value in it and hope it helps keep customers tuned in to your site!
    I’m the Local Business Development Manager for the Northwest region (WA, ID, N. CA, ID, HI, NV), so please feel free to reach out to learn how Microsoft can help Partners grow their business locally through targeted marketing and connections with other companies in the Small and Medium Business market!

    By Jessica Smith on Mar 24, 2009

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