Zenith and Autotask Integration - Getting Closer!

May 18, 2009 – 7:45 pm

The temperature down below seems to be rapidly falling as this announcement was made today by Autotask’s CEO Bob Godgart. 


Zenith Integration Update:

I am encouraged to share that we are making big progress with our Zenith integration:

* Together we have defined a secure ticket transfer method which will work bidirectionally with Saaz. 

* The coding is almost done. We have a full time resource working on this project until it is finished.  Autotask and Zenith have started sending sample test data and should have something working by the end of the this month. 

* To release this integration, it will require a Saaz update and an Autotask update.  Since we will be the first company developing to their new API - it will require a significant amount of testing and we don’t want to release anything until they have their side in production. We can’t make the Autotask June Release - but we plan to have it available in the following Autotask release - due out in Mid summer.

If you are a Zenith partner - This is great news! [ip]

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