Autotask Community Juggernaut Releases Email2AT Beta

June 1, 2009 – 4:10 pm

Travis AustinTravis Austin, of Rezitech,  a young man who made quite a splash in the SMB community and Autotask circle when introduced for the first time at the Autotask CommunITy Live event this spring, has released his first Autotask community focused service called Email2AT.  Email2AT (short for email to Autotask but not so named for legal reasons I’m sure) is a cloud based service that utilizes Email2DB to parse them insert or merge data into Autotask.   While it is no less impressive then some of the nice “work-around” scripts I’ve seen Travis post in the Autotask Forums, this one has the potential to provide a valuable service that Autotask has determined is out of scope for their offerings. 

The Email2AT beta went public today on Autotask’s community forum and invited users to put some load on the service so Travis can fix the major issues.  The beta will consist of two feature release phases with phase 2 due out later this week. 

“We developed Email2AT because the current solution (Email2DB) was limited and difficult. An Autotask customer must purchase and host their own server. Autotask is a hosted app, so we think it is more fitting to create a hosted cloud based parser, as well.” commented Travis one why he felt the need to provide Email2AT. 

Here is the official info release from Travis:

Email2AT is a hosted, cloud-based email parser which accepts inbound emails, locates key information and passes this information into Autotask. It is being released in two phases:

  • Phase 1 is a direct Email2DB replacement:
    • We are adding the Autotask ATES (Add Ticket Email Service) XML token to the bottom of all inbound messages and passing them on to the Autotask ATES.
  • Phase 2 is powered by the API and provides a lot of additional functionality above and beyond Email2AT:
    • An Autotask customer can setup inbound email filters which trigger based on the contents of the From address, To Address, Subject, or Body. For instance, you can add a rule that states that everytime an email is received by Email2AT and the email is addressed to, a new ticket should be created in the NOC queue, with a status of New, priority of Medium, and Issue type as desired. Or, an email to can go to the Finance queue. You could create a rule that if an email is from it is created in the Tier 3 Support queue, with a priority of High, and a certain internal notification should be sent.
    • Notes appended to existing tickets are true ticket notes, not “Duplicate Ticket Notes” which are confusing to customers and Autotask users alike
    • Autotask resources can reply to an Autotask notification, the reply will add a new note to the ticket, and the email will be passed “backwards” through the chain to the ticket contact. The contact can reply, which adds a note, and notifies the resource. This allows true bi-directional email communications between resource and contact, all logged in Autotask.

Travis has not yet determined what the pricing will look like but I can tell you we here at Charlotte Tech Care Team will gladly pay a nominal fee for handy service such as this.  Be sure to watch the developers forums within the Autotask Community Forums for more exciting ideas from Travis.

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  2. Hey Mark!

    Thanks for a great write-up. You’re dead-on with all points except one: our product isn’t based on or powered by Email2DB, and Email2DB isn’t used in our product at all. All of our code is 100% fresh and original.

    If anyone wants to join the beta, it’s available at


    By Travis Austin on Jun 1, 2009

  3. Hi Mark,

    The Email2DB server generally needs to be in the network with the Email messages - the company has no easy method of forwarding these messages on, so Email2Db provides effectively a quick way of forwarding this into the AutoTask Email API

    A fully hosted solution will suit some users better, but not all users.

    We’re not really involved in the AutoTask community or developer areas - the documentation for the use of the product has been created by the AutoTask team.

    We’re aware that the Email2DB system can sometimes be more difficult to set up than the average AutoTask user expects. We are working on a wizard interface that should make this easier to use.

    Email2DB doesn’t require its own server to run on - it can run on a standard windows desktop machine (provided that the machine is always on), or on your exchange server.

    I’d like to re-iterate that we aren’t anything to do with Email2AT, despite the similarity in the name.

    By Daniel Tallentire on Jul 6, 2009

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