Cause and Solution for Vista Black Screen of Death (KSOD) KB Posted

August 7, 2009 – 2:57 pm

Microsoft believes that they have found the cause for many of the nagging KSODs reported over the past year.  Something about an event log looping.  I’m not sure I understand the issue nor do I think it is related to the KSODs that were far to coincidentally timed with Zenith SaaZ update but nevertheless if you have a Vista Black Screen of Death, this KB and HotFix may be for you.  Let me know if it works.

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  2. The actual cause of this problem was ferretted out by a member of the Sacramento IT Pro User Group, Mr. Dennis Krohn.

    We’ll be toasting him tonight at our meeting.

    By karlp on Aug 11, 2009

  3. I’ve downloaded the MS fix for Vista SP2. Maybe a beginner question … how do I apply? I can go into Vista “safe mode” but then get the error that I cannot apply this in the safe mode. Maybe using recovery disk and via command prompt? Will give that a go … Thx for the solution via this thread. Rgds, Jadoo.

    By Jadoo on Aug 23, 2009

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