Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

September 3, 2009 – 7:32 am

So I’ve got all my computers running Windows 7 RTM now and I’m not missing Vista at all.  I’ve still got my wife and kid’s computers to upgrade but will have to wait till Oct 22 since I can’t use my volume license on those PCs.  In light of the fact they are running XP I will need to go about their upgrade the hard way.  If you are considering an upgrade to Windows 7 here is a handy upgrade chart for you that may be of some assistance.  The comments following are actually more fun to read than the document.  ;-)

From Microsoft TechNet (be sure to reference this site for “current” information.

Windows 7 Upgrade Paths
Updated: June 17, 2009
Applies To: Windows 7

This document outlines supported and unsupported upgrade paths for editions of the Windows® 7 operating system.

Unsupported Upgrade Scenarios

  • Upgrades to Windows 7 from the following operating systems are not supported:
    • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP, Windows Vista® RTM, Windows Vista Starter, Windows 7 M3, Windows 7 Beta, Windows 7 RC, or Windows 7 IDS
    • Windows NT® Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server® 2003, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Cross-architecture in-place upgrades (for example, x86 to x64) are not supported.
  • Cross-language in-place upgrades (for example, en-us to de-de) are not supported.
  • Cross-SKU upgrades (for example, Windows 7 N to Windows 7 K) are not supported.
  • Upgrades from Windows Vista to Windows N, Windows K, Windows KN, or Windows E are not supported.
  • Cross-build type in-place upgrades (for example, fre to chk) are not supported.
  • Pre-release in-place upgrades across milestones (for example, Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 RTM) are not supported.
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