$1000 if FREE marketing $ to Microsoft’s US SBSC Partners!

September 22, 2009 – 12:12 pm

Thank me later folks, but for now, get your mouse clicking over to www.mspartnerdirect.com and add promotion code SBSC to claim your $1000 in market development funds (or use the money for reimbursment of other marketing efforts - see www.mspartnerdirect.com/sbsc for more).  Your account could look like mine:


As your trusted US SBSC Advisory Board member I’m more than elated with the commitment made by François Daumard, the new Senior Channel Manager overseeing the US SBSC program, as he has determined that you and I (and all SBSC’s) are better positioned to find good uses for Microsoft’s SMB related products marketing budget allotted for SBSCs.  That means, once again, Microsoft has stepped up the plate and put their money into us, their partners, to help us grow our businesses in this win win Partnership they keep talking about. Amid all the talk of 6% on SaaS and the MS Stores competing with us I say kudos to Microsoft for standing behind their partners in such a big way during a tough economic time!

Please see www.mspartnerdirect.com/sbsc for complete terms and conditions.

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