Microsoft Goes Grassroots With Windows 7

October 8, 2009 – 3:54 pm

Microsoft has announced their Community Connections imitative where they will attempt to influence the influencers and start a grassroots movement of Windows 7 for small businesses.  The details of this program are not finalized as it has literally gone from idea to launch in a few months (fast for Microsoft but then again we are talking about the juggernauts from the Local Engagement Team). 


Here are program basics that were shared at SMB Nation”:

  • Free copies of Windows 7 for Local Business Community Organizations (LBCO) (Chambers of commerce and the like)
  • Coupons to offset costs of installation by a local Microsoft partner
  • LET assistance to conduct live Windows 7 events with local Microsoft partners
  • Incentives for event attendees who purchase Windows 7

While many details such as hardware supplies (hopefully we will see an OEM step up – hint hint Lenovo) the program looks like exactly what SBSCs need to start leading the way to economic recovery for small businesses.  Get the full detail at an upcoming webinar Oct 20th here.

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