SE SMB Event - Home Grown!

August 25, 2007 – 3:18 pm

If you are in the Southeast please consider joining your peers for what promises to be a productive time for those that have to wear many hats in their IT business.  Here are the details of this event in Raleigh.

Email from Allen:

I Need a Little Help

It is no secret that most of us are in business to support our preferred lifestyle.

Related to that, in my experience working as an independent IT professional for over two years now, I am finding it difficult to ?go it alone.? I have managed to keep my practice afloat, but, unfortunately, it hasn?t provided me with much of a life.

Research shows that the top IT consultants?those who bring in the most revenue and have the highest profile clients?rely on a strong support network.

Related to that, one of the things I am doing is organizing an event on Thursday, August 30th at 6:30pm to help bring the ?small business IT community? a little closer together.

This open-discussion meeting is a 90-minute event that will give us an opportunity to explore the challenging business issues that we face. This meeting will be professionally facilitated to ensure that it is fun, fast-paced, and relevant. You are guaranteed to leave with insights that could have an immediate impact on your business.

I need your assistance in two ways. First, as you are an active member in the small business community, I would like you to attend. Also, please invite any IT professionals that you feel would benefit from attending the workshop. I would like a big turnout for this one!

Microsoft MVP ?Handy? Andy Goodman, founder of SMBTN on the east coast, will be traveling from the Triad area to participate and offer his insights and experience on running an IT business. Jason Harrison, a prominent national IT consultant will also participate in the discussion. He will share his secrets that has lead to a thriving firm which is in its 18th year of business (and still going strong).

The floor will be open to address your biggest issues, whatever they are. Be sure to bring a list of topics and questions that are important to you. Here are some possible suggestions:

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  2. For the record I was not the founder of SMBTN I just help drive them to an East Coast Presense

    By HandyAndy on Aug 25, 2007

  3. Mark, Thanks publishing this for me!

    For those interested the event The formal discussion starts at 6:30. The pizza should arrive shortly after 6:00, so feel free to come early to eat and socialize.

    Date: Thursday, August 30
    Time: 6:30pm (Pizza at 6:15)
    Team Nimbus Center
    3801 Computer Dr.
    Suite 101
    Raleigh, NC 27609

    Let me know by Wednesday if you and anyone you invite are going to attend. I will be buying pizza and drinks for everyone, so we need to know how many participants to expect.

    Please RSVP by email to (Replace the -at- with @)

    Best wishes to all!

    By Allen St. Clair on Aug 25, 2007

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