Microsoft to buy RIM?

August 31, 2007 – 1:11 pm


I’m not sure about you but I would be happy if I never saw another BES in life!  So will the acquisition of RIM by MS allow us to actually integrate those BlackBerrys with Exchange directly?  Now before you get too excited about death of BES I should point out that it’s only rumor.  But if it’s only a rumor then why did shares of RIM jump yesterday?  

The Toronto Star Reports: RIM?s stock briefly hit a high of $89.68 yesterday before closing up 91 cents at $87.71 on the Toronto Stock Exchange, with several traders suggesting that Microsoft rumours were behind the gains.

Even if it does become a reality what will the next PDA OS look like?  Will it be Windows Berry or Black Windows for Mobile? (Man I wish I had Chris Rue’s graphic talents so I could slap up some creative designs on this blog first and claim copyright infringement when it happens to match later.) 

And what would it be like for MS Windows Mobile to swallow the giant BlackBerry?  They might need to take this one bite at a time to avoid user backlash by all those crackberry addicts that curse Bill’s name.  To me it would by like Live Search trying to take over Google.  Ahhh, now wouldn’t that be interesting.

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